Training Day2001

Training Day (2001) ตำรวจระห่ำ…คดไม่เป็น

Training Day 2001

Training Day The ambitious Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jake Hoyt has been promoted and assigned to Detective Alonzo, an officer in the narcotics department with a distinguished record for a one-day evaluation. While driving around in Alonzo’s Monte Carlo, they begin their day by finding students at college purchasing marijuana. Alonzo is able to seize the drug and gives Jake instructions on how to smoke the weed. When Jake does not agree, Alonzo threatens him at gunpoint, warning him that refusing to smoke this in the streets could result in him killed. Jake smokes his pipe and Alonzo informs him that it’s laced with PCP..

After paying a visit to Roger who was a former cop turned drug dealer, Jake is able to spot a couple of addicts who are trying to rape an teen girl in an alleyway. Jake intervenes while Alonzo is watching. After the girl is gone and Alonzo scares the addicts off, Jake finds the girl’s wallet on the ground and takes it back.

Alonzo and Jake were later arrested by Blue, an alleged dealer with crack and an loaded gun. Blue decides to tell Kevin “Sandman”, Miller about his employer instead of going to jail. Alonzo robs Sandman’s house of $40,000 by using a fake search warrant. In the lunch hour they visit Alonzo’s lover Sara and their son. Alonzo has a meeting with three corrupt police officers whom he calls the “Three Wise Men”. They tell Alonzo that the Russian mafia is seeking him for a huge unpaid debt and suggest that he leave town. Alonzo insists that he is in control of the situation and offers the $40,000 in exchange for an arrest warrant.

Utilizing the warrant, Alonzo, Jake, along with four other officers return to Roger’s home and take $4 million from the premises with a quarter of which Alonzo keeps. Alonzo shoots Roger when Jake refused to shoot him. Then, he stages the scene along with his men in order to make the shooting seem legitimate. Infuriated Jake gets into an Mexican confrontation and Alonzo threatens Jake (having prepared the day’s activities in advance) by telling Jake of the LAPD’s routine Blood Test which will identify PCP-laced marijuana Jake smoked earlier. Alonzo promises to safeguard Jake for his cooperation, and Jake is forced to comply.

Alonzo later takes Jake to the home of a sureno criminal known as “Smiley” for a late-night errand. In the meantime, waiting for Alonzo, Jake reluctantly plays poker with Smiley as well as his fellow gang members. While they chat, Smiley reveals Alonzo’s situation: by midnight, Alonzo must pay $1 million to the Russians for the murder of one of their men in Las Vegas, or be killed himself. Convinced that Alonzo abandoned him and has paid Smiley to kill the man, Jake attempts to flee but is attacked and then dragged to the bathroom , where he will be executed. A gang member search Jake for money before they can execute him. Jake finds the wallet of the teenage girl who is Smiley’s cousin. After calling his cousin and verifying the fact that Jake had saved her from being killed, Smiley lets go of Jake in gratitude.

Jake returns to Sara’s home to take charge of Alonzo just the moment Roger is about to go to pay the Russians. The two fights escalate and Alonzo is eventually taken down in the street as everyone gathers around to be watching. Alonzo will pay the person who kills Jake to no avail. Jake is then able to take the stolen cash, intending to submit it as evidence in a criminal case against Alonzo. The neighborhood gang permits Jake to leave safely. Infuriated, Alonzo threatens to retaliate against the gang, but the unimpressed gangs disengage and ignore him.

Alonzo attempts to escape in the direction of LAX however, he is shot and captured by the Russians. Jake returns to his home after the murder of Alonzo is widely reported by the media.