Funny Face 1957

Funny Face (1957)

Funny Face Maggie Prescott, a fashion magazine editor and publisher for Quality magazine, is looking for the next major fashion trend. She’s looking for a new style that is both beautiful and intelligent. She and top fashion photographer Dick Avery want models who are able to “think as well as they appear.” They discuss their ideas and decide to use a book store located in Greenwich Village as backdrop.

Jo Stockton, a shy shop assistant and a sociologist by profession, is the founder of “Embryo concepts” which is where they can find the answer to their questions. Jo believes that the fashion and modeling industry is absurd calling it ” Chichi” and an unrealistic approach both to economics and self-impressions. Maggie decides to use Jo however, after the first shot Jo is locked outside to stop her from disrupting Maggie’s attempt to take over the shop. The team leaves the shop in a shambles; Dick stays behind to help clean up and apologizes to Jo after which she kisses her in a rash manner. Jo dismisses him, but her song “How Long has This Been Going On?” shows that she is feeling the tinglings of romance. Funny Face HD

Jo’s first desire is to go to Paris to see Professor EmileFlostre’s philosophy lectures on empathicalism. When Dick gets back to the darkroom, he sees something in Jo’s face which is fresh and new. It is perfect for the campaign that gives the face “character”, “spirit”, and “intelligence”. Jo is sent to them in a fake way, as if they are going to buy books from her shop. They try to persuade her to stop , and cut her hair. She fled and Dick hides in the darkroom. When Dick mentions Paris, Jo becomes interested in the possibility of meeting Professor Flostre and finally gets her to model for the publication. Dick sings “Funny Face”.

In the near future, Maggie, Dick, and Jo are heading off to Paris to get ready for a major fashion event, shooting photos at famous landmarks of the region. Jo and Dick can fall in love during the shooting. ” He Loves and she loves”. One night, when Jo is getting ready to attend a gala, she finds out that Flostre is giving a talk in a nearby café where she goes to. In the end, Dick brings her back and they get into an argument during the gala’s beginning, which results in Jo getting embarrassed in front of the crowd and Maggie angry.

Jo goes to Flostre’s house to speak to him. Maggie and Dick manage to gain access to the party by some clever planning. They make up a dance/song to Flostre’s followers, and then confront Jo and Flostre. This leads to Dick to trigger Flostre’s fall and knock him down. Jo is begging them to leave and Flostre tries to lure Jo when he turns around. Shocked at the behavior of her “idol” and her “idol,” she smashes a vase over his head and runs out before returning in time to take part in the show’s final fashion. Maggie attempts to reach Dick during her time in Paris. Jo observes Dick’s plane hovering above Paris through the window prior to her wedding gown finale. Jo runs off the runway crying , realizing that he was refusing to come back to her.

While this is happening, Dick is still at the airport. He meets Flostre, who reveals how Jo was a victim of his. Jo is aware of how much Dick cares and he returns to the fashion show. But Jo isn’t there. Then, having applied the wisdom of empathy at Maggie’s request, Dick thinks Jo is likely to go back to the church in which he photographed her in her wedding dress , and where they shared their first moment of romance. He finds Jo wearing her wedding gown, standing by a small brook upon his arrival. They sing ” ‘S Wonderful” and embrace.